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To marry a space together, choosing a matching foor and wall colour can be the perfect option! No matter what shade you want, the perfect floor and wall colour can be created.

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A purple and yellow designsphere floor in a seating area

January 21 2024

Project Focus: The Big Yellow Storage Company at Kings Cross

This week we have a throwback to the amazing DesignSphere floor we installed at The Big Yellow Storage Co. in Kings Cross. This project was a great example of how getting creative with your space can have an amazing payoff!

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Sphere8 training in our Redhill Warehouse

January 15 2024

Train With Sphere8!

Want to expand your skill set in 2024?  Start working with resin floor or wall finishes this new year.  Sphere8 offers training on the skills needed to work with our systems!

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New resin flooring in a living room

January 3 2024

New Year, New Floor!

The new year is a time of change, out with the old and in with the new. So why does that have to stop at habits?

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Resin flooring in a hallway

December 19 2023

Project Focus: London Apartment

A project our team recently loved working on was a beautiful apartment in central London. We installed both resin flooring and wall finishes throughout the apartment to match the client's specification.

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Sphere8 finalist for their sustainable resin flooring

November 23 2023

Sphere8 Made Silver Winner for Sustainability in the SME Surrey Business Awards

We’re delighted to announce we are a finalist in the SME Surrey Business Awards 2023 Sustainability Award!

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A yellow resin floor in a bakery

November 6 2023

Colour Focus: Fire Tones

Bright and fiery tones are a perfect way to bring some heat to your space!

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A blue resin floor in a student accommodation

October 30 2023

Colour Focus: Blues

Wanting to make a statement with your floor? Choosing blue resin flooring could be your answer!

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warm toned resin floors in a kitchen

October 22 2023

Colour Focus: Warm Tones

When it comes to choosing the perfect flooring for your space, the warmth and timeless charm of warm-toned resin flooring are hard to beat. Whether you're designing a cozy home interior or a welcoming commercial environment, warm-toned resin flooring can infuse your space with a sense of comfort and sophistication. 

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grey resin floor in a kitchen

October 16 2023

Colour Focus: Greys

Whether you want to choose grey floors for their industrial chic or minimalist aesthetic, we have a wide range of grey shades that will suit your style and space!

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