Sustainable Flooring

Sustainable Flooring

Discover our sustainable flooring systems, perfect for any space.


Our sustainable flooring is created using resin derived from castor beans. These beans grow rampantly and so create an inherently sustainable flooring option compared to epoxy resin and other flooring options. Epoxy resin is made of petrochemicals and so is not as sustainable as our resin.

Additionally, concrete is a popular choice, but it is not a sustainable flooring option. Concrete is the most energy intensive material on the planet. We have created sustainable flooring that mimics concrete without the practical and environmental downfalls.


The longevity of our floors is much better than concrete as this can crack easily. Resin has slight flexibility which means that it can withstand movement better than concrete. Our durable material means that your floors will not have to be replaced as quickly as many other types of flooring types.


Where our floors are built up in layers, a change in style or a repair doesn’t mean a whole new floor! We are able to replace just the coloured bodycoat and seal coat to create a whole new look to your space. Sustainable flooring that can change with you is a great way to allow your floor to grow with your tastes.


Sustainable flooring doesn’t just have to be the installation process. Resin flooring is naturally warm underfoot, unlike polished concrete and other stone floors because of its temperature regulation. Resin flooring adapts to the ambient temperature of a space, meaning that in the winter your floors will be the same temperature as your heating. Reducing your energy usage allows your floors to be more sustainable.


We recently were made the silver winner of the SME Surrey Business Awards for their sustainability award for our BrecciaSphere Lite product. Receiving the award is a great achievement and we are very proud of our product which has been developed with sustainability at its heart!

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