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To marry a space together, choosing a matching foor and wall colour can be the perfect option! No matter what shade you want, the perfect floor and wall colour can be created.

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July 31 2023

Sphere8 x Wetroom Materials

Sphere8 and Wetroom Materials have partnered up to provide a unique solution for seamless surfaces and wetroom drains.

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July 27 2023

Comfort, Feel and Green!

Say yes to the look of polished concrete with the properties of poured resin. 

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July 25 2023

make an impact with a sphere8 resin floor

The first thing employees and clientele notice when entering a commercial space is the look and feel of that space. It is important to make an impact from the outset.

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July 24 2023

Magnify your space with microcement

The Sphere8 microcement wall covering range is a mineral base rock resin, and a bespoke hand applied product applied to walls and joinery.

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July 21 2023

Keep your Sphere8 floor gleaming with the proper cleaning!

Properly cleaning your Sphere8 resin floor is an integral part of maintaining the finish of your floor. Find out how to keep your floor gleaming with the proper cleaning.

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July 20 2023

Pink floors in time for Barbie!

In light of Greta Gerwig’s infamous Barbie film hitting cinemas tomorrow, we wanted to showcase some of our incredible pink bespoke resin floors!

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July 19 2023

Recycled Plastic Flooring

Our Sphere8 BrecciaSphere Lite system is an innovative resin flooring system that incorporates millions of pieces of floating plastic shred into your flooring finish.

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July 18 2023

Which Sphere8 floor is right for you?

Choosing a Sphere8 resin floor is an easy and exciting process. We have a large variety of flooring systems that are specifically designed to suit your intended environment. From homes to industrial factories, we have you covered.

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July 14 2023

Bold, Brilliant, Bespoke

At Sphere8, we can offer you seamless flooring like no other. Completely bespoke with a huge variety of flooring options to choose from. From chic and simple to bold and brilliant, we have you covered.

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