Residential Flooring

Residential Flooring

What makes us the Industry Leading Experts in Luxury Resin Residential Flooring

Environmentally sound

At Sphere8 our resin is made up of sustainable and ecologically-friendly products, derived from natural plant oil biopolymers – so you can trust that your choice of resin floor is safe for your home as well as the environment. To this is then added a bespoke combination of pigments to create the exact colour and finish you have chosen for your residential flooring.

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Resin floors in every colour

These countless examples demonstrate how diverse our resin residential flooring can be – not least because of the almost infinite colour choices available. We are able to colour-match almost any shade, from a preferred fabric swatch to a commercial brand guideline, so your floors can be entirely bespoke. We also offer a few carefully curated colour collections in our most popular resin shades – particularly our range of muted greys designed to imitate the natural shades of polished concrete.

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Trust the resin experts

A certified member of the Resin Flooring Association (FeRFA), and three-time winner of Project of the Year, Sphere8 can provide a flawless installation with efficient and personalised customer service – giving you peace of mind that you have trusted your resin residential flooring project to the experts. Our floors are all poured by hand in several layers, building up to 4mm in thickness subject to any extra necessary layers. An average installation takes around 5 working days, during which time our team of expert installers are on site.

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To find out more about the possibilities of resin residential flooring, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the team. You can also arrange an appointment to visit one of our showrooms and experience our floors for yourself.

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