Wet Rooms

Wet Rooms

Discover our versatile resin alternative for all wet rooms

Form and function

In the design and construction of wet rooms, function and form come hand in hand – it is vital to find a surface that looks attractive in large areas as it can dominate the whole room and redefine the space.

At the same time it has to be a durable and easy-to-maintain surface that is suitable for all uses in wet rooms. At Sphere8 we understand these requirements and have developed our wall finishes to make them ideally suited for wet rooms. Whether you're looking for a polished concrete effect on your bathroom walls, or an alternative to tiles in your walk in shower, we can provide the perfect solution.

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No more tiles

Many of our clients believe tiles to be the only option for wet rooms, but tiling an entire wall or even room can be a lengthy and expensive process. Furthermore porous tiles like marble, slate or limestone will need resealing every few months – making for very expensive maintenance of home wet rooms.

Vinyl is another option, but often victim to easy wear and tear within just a few years and often available in a plain, sterile texture. In recent years polished concrete has been a popular choice, particularly for walls in bathrooms or wet rooms, but Sphere8 can emulate this finish without any of the practical problems. Sphere8 resin wet rooms are a practical and stylish alternative that is both elegant and easy to maintain.

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Expert installation

We have installed countless wet rooms, and we treat every project individually – carrying out at least one site survey prior to installation to confirm the drains, coving, incline and other features that make all wet rooms unique. Your dedicated project planner will discuss these details with you and can provide wet room technical drawings to advise on the build-up of your bathroom floors and walls. If you wish to discuss your project please don’t hesitate to contact one of the team.

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Durable wall finishes

One of the greatest concerns when designing wet rooms is how durable a bathroom or wet room wall finish is – particularly if it is also installed in a shower area. Our rock-resin plaster wall finishes are hand-applied in a trowelling technique and built up in layers to create a strong, smooth and seamless surface throughout your wet room or bathroom. Completely impervious and resistant to limescale and mould they are the perfect alternative to tiles or concrete walls, and create a soft and warm finish throughout. Furthermore there are no grouting lines or cracks to harbour mould – creating a hygienic, durable and easy to maintain surface.

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Over 100 colours

If a wall finish is uniting a whole room, particularly a small and intimate space like wet rooms, it is crucial that you are completely happy with the colour and finish. Our resin walls are available in over 100 colours – from vibrant turquoise to soft greys. A particularly popular choice is one of our carefully curated ranges of natural or industrial greys, chosen as an alternative to polished concrete. However you are free to combine more than one colour or create a seamless and united finish in one shade. Find out more about concrete style bathrooms here.

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If you wish to discuss wet rooms in more detail please don’t hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to provide a no-obligation quote or you can enquire online.

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