Concrete-Effect Bathrooms

Concrete-Effect Bathrooms

Create polished concrete-effect bathrooms or wet rooms with a natural resin alternative

Polished Concrete Alternatives...

One of the most common requests we get from residential and commercial clients alike, is whether we are able to create a polished concrete finish using our resin floors and wall coverings.  We have developed a specific colour collection to emulate the gentle movement of grey pigment found in polished concrete and our wall finishes are equally able to recreate this effect.


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Truly Unified Surfaces

Sphere8 are able to install both poured floors and hand-applied walls, and both materials work in different ways to create a concrete bathroom effect.  Our wall finishes are trowelled by hand, which creates movement in the final surface.  This texture is reminiscent of concrete and creates a subtle variation in colour. Our floors are universally flat and smooth, but the movement in colour comes from the dual-pigment build-up that is available in any colour.  Although our floors and our wall finishes are different textures, they work perfectly together to create a seamless concrete-effect bathrooms. The colours can be carefully selected so as to be almost identical. If you would like to have them the same colour please discuss with your sales consultant, who can advise on this.

We offer over 100 wall colours, including everything from taupe to turquoise. For creating concrete-effect bathrooms we specifically recommend one of our Cool Greys or even a couple of the Dusty Blues range - cool, neutral, but strong enough to create an impact in even the smallest of spaces. These fluctuate in different lights and can come out as remarkably earthy or light and cool depending on each different space.

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Dramatic Effect

Alternatively, one of the great advantages of resin over concrete is the huge variety in colours and the increased choice you have. A lot of our clients take advantage of this by contrasting a dark floor with a lighter wall (or vice versa) whilst maintaining the impression of concrete with concrete-effect bathrooms. 

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Practical Benefits

Aside from the aesthetic and creative possibilites allowed by a poured resin, there are countless practical advantages to this material over concrete.

  1. More elastic and therefore durable - our natural biopolymers have a natural elasticity, particularly compared to the hard and brittle nature of concrete. This means it's less likely to crack due to subfloor movement or wear and tear.
  2. Softer and more comfortable - this elasticity also makes resin more comfortable to live with than concrete. Soft and comfortable underfoot in any room of the house.
  3. Warm underfoot - concrete is a very unforgiving material and very cold underfoot. In the British climate it's unsuitable without under-floor heating (particularly in the bathroom where you are nearly always bare foot!). By comparison, resin is warm and ambient and can be used with or without under-floor heating, the perfect pick for concrete-effect bathrooms!
  4. Lighter and thinner - for upstairs bathrooms, it's worth bearing in mind that resin is just 3mm thick compared to 10mm of concrete.
  5. More environmentally-friendly - Sphere8 resins are made from the castor bean, a sustainable and environmentally-friendly crop, unlike concrete which is one of the least "green" products on the market!

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Terrazzo Effect

Concrete comes in many guises, and for some that means a terrazzo finish. Concrete terrazzo has pieces of stone or aggregate laid in a concrete floor - making it stronger and giving it a dappled appearance. This is also possible with resin, and at Sphere8 we have developed a range of terrazzo resin finishes that echo this concrete effect. Equally suitable in bathrooms as it is in any other space, this creates a luxurious but natural impression and our BrecciaSphere range is available in one of eight carefully curated colours or in a bespoke blend!

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Find out more...

If you'd like to discuss concrete-effect bathrooms further, please don't hesitate to contact one of the team. You can arrange a visit to one of our showrooms where you can view our wall finishes and flooring colours for yourself!

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