Choosing a Resin Floor

Choosing a Resin Floor

Your Guide to Choosing a Resin Floor

Why Sphere8

Choosing any flooring solution for your home or business is a big commitment. Whatever the colour, material or finish it will create the canvas on which you build the rest of your interior space. We appreciate that choosing a resin floor is an equally involved decision, sometimes even more so as many clients are unfamiliar with the product and need additional guidance. At Sphere8 we have spent nearly a decade installing poured resin floors and hand-applied resin wall finishes throughout the UK and the world, so you can trust that you are dealing with the experts when choosing a resin floor.

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Our Systems

The first consideration when choosing a resin floor is the environment it’s intended for. We have spent the last decade installing in countless spaces, from private homes to flagship stores, primary schools, Michelin-starred restaurants and retail pop-ups. Through this experience we have developed a range of resin floor systems perfectly tailored for each environment – whether it’s HomeSphere or LuxSphere for domestic resin floors or ForumSphere and ToughSphere for commercial flooring, we can help with choosing a resin floor that is best for your space and advise about the relevant technical information.

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Based off this technical specification, the next step is discussing a quotation with your sales consultant. A resin floor is typically around £150 per m², but this can vary depending on…

  • The environment i.e. what resin floor system you have chosen
  • The subfloor build up (concrete, plywood etc.)
  • The total area, as the price per m² decreases as the total area goes up
  • Your colour and decoration choices (although typically your colour choice won’t affect the price)
  • Any further detailing such as drains, steps or floor boxes

The easiest way to get a quotation is online, using our instant quotation tool to download a personalised PDF dependent on the area and subfloor or your site. Using this as a bouncing off point, our sales consultants can discuss the finer details with you and cater it to your exact needs. Once you are happy with the price we advise a visit to our showroom so you can choose the colour and finish of your resin floor for yourself…

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Infinite Colour Possibilities

Colour and design is one of the first things that clients get excited about in any project, and choosing a resin floor is no different! At Sphere8 we offer a huge variety of options, so it can be a fun and creative process, whether you are an experienced architect or the homeowner. Essentially our clients are free to choose any RAL reference as the colour for their resin floor – giving you unlimited freedom in the creation of your bespoke flooring. However, we have also developed a carefully curated range of colours to help narrow down our clients’ choices when choosing a resin floor.

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Our Resin Alternatives

A lot of our clients turn to resin floors as an alternative to concrete flooring – as another seamless flooring solution. To cater for this we have created the Metals colour collection – 8 cool greys that perfectly emulate concrete. The Minerals range offers 8 warmer greys and taupes, from Sandstone to Slate with warm red, brown and even purple undertones. We also offer the Jewel Collection – a striking range of pale and bright tones from Rose Quartz to Turquoise!

Whatever colour you pick when choosing a resin floor, you also have the choice between a Solid or Motion colour – a single pigment, or two pigments mixed during installation to create some movement. Clients seeking a concrete flooring effect can also choose from our BrecciaSphere range – a collection of resin terrazzo blends that perfectly recreate the ever-popular terrazzo concrete finish.

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Next Steps

Once you have confirmed all of these details we are ready to move on to the project planning stage, and you will be handed over to one of the team to organise your installation! Your resin floor can be installed as little as 4 weeks later…

To find out more about choosing a resin floor for yourself, please contact our office to speak to one of the sales consultants.

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