Seamless Resin Floors

Seamless Resin Floors

Discover how seamless resin floors can redefine your interior space.

A blank canvas

A poured resin floor provides the unique opportunity to create a completely seamless surface throughout your interior space and it is this innovative approach to floor design that so many of our clients are looking for. The final effect of seamless resin floors is modern, stylish and minimalist – creating the perfect blank canvas for you to create a bespoke interior.

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Hand-poured for a seamless finish

The technicalities behind seamless resin floors are both innovative and interesting. At Sphere8 we hand-pour our natural resin over the entire area and gradually build these up over several layers to a final floor depth of approximately 4mm. We prioritise the levelling of the subfloor, whether it is a brand new concrete screed or an existing floor such as tiles or floorboards – either way this preparation is crucial to ensure there are no joins, cracks, edges or veins in the final seamless resin floors. Our expert teams of installers have encountered every kind of site imaginable and have years of experience – so you can relax knowing that your resin floor project is being handled by the experts.

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Practical and durable

Whilst many of our clients choose seamless resin floors for aesthetic reasons, our resin floors are also a hugely practical solution. Suitable for both residential and commercial environments, our natural resin is soft and warm underfoot – although underfloor heating is possible it is certainly not a necessary addition. Most importantly our natural biopolymers, unlike epoxy resin or concrete, are naturally elastic – meaning our seamless resin floors will stay seamless and will not crack. This can also be used on stairs, floor boxes, around drains and with coving – again eliminating any unsightly edges, seams or joins. The versatility of our resin floors means that this seamless surface can be applied to any interior space, and we have experience working on a huge range of projects.

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There are some other products that can provide a seamless finish, but a resin floor can achieve this without sacrificing any practical or design advantages. Compared to the high maintenance of vinyl, Sphere8 seamless floors has a lifespan of over 35 years (over ten times that of vinyl on average) – requiring minimal maintenance in the years to come, and seriously reducing overall costs. Sphere8 seamless resin floors create a single surface with no joints, seams, welds or separate coving – so there is no more curling or lifting at the edge of the surface. This is not just an elegant solution, but much more hygienic as there are no cracks or edges to harbour bacteria.

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Naturally comfortable

Unlike polished concrete, our resin floors are soft, warm, comfortable and elastic – whereas concrete can be a notoriously unforgiving surface. Our seamless resin floors are also much thinner (less than ½ the average depth), more durable and easier to maintain than genuine concrete. However, if you are looking to recreate the seamless finish of polished concrete, our resin floors can be designed to imitate this finish. Our carefully curated colour range has been designed with just this in mind.

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Countless design options

However, the benefit of our seamless resin floors is that they are also available in literally any colour or design. Using our innovative colour-match service, you can select a particular shade to match anything from a fabric or paint swatch to a specific brand guideline. Our unique DesignSphere system also allows you incorporate any chosen image, design or pattern into your seamless resin floors. We have worked on countless projects that have requested truly bespoke finishes, and our seamless resin floors can incorporate these.

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There are no limitations on where a seamless surface can be applied – from the smallest residential bathroom with seamless surfaces throughout, to the entire floor of a London department store, anything is possible. Contact one of the team or visit our London, Surrey or Cambridge showrooms to learn more.

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