Retail Flooring

Retail Flooring

Discover the multi-purpose ForumSphere ideally suited to retail flooring.

Any retail environment

The most important feature of retail flooring is its durability – and the Sphere8 ForumSphere flooring system was created with this in mind. Designed to be highly durable under heavy foot-traffic, even in specific areas such as cashier desks, it is suitable for any and all retail flooring. Able to withstand extreme wear and tear, it will remain in good condition for years to come.

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Practical Retail flooring solutions

The other main consideration is maintenance – and we have created a flooring system that is particularly easy to clean and maintain, ensuring it always remains at a particularly high standard for all standards of retail. And rather than needing to be removed and replaced when redecorating, a Sphere8 resin floor can be easily retopped in a new colour or finish. Our retail clients include Lacoste, Harvey Nicholls and Lush, including many others who have found our ForumSphere retail flooring to be the ideal solution.

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A range of colours

Aside from practical issues, many of our clients are looking to create truly spectacular retail flooring solutions that create an experience in their spaces. We know that the design and finish of your floor is just as important as anything else, and we are proud of our floors knowing that we have not sacrificed style in our specific flooring systems. As with any Sphere8 floor, you can choose from our carefully curated range of colours, imitate the effect of polished concrete, or request a bespoke shade – we offer an innovative colour-match service allowing clients to choose a specific hue within brand or retail guidelines if necessary.

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Versatile designs

A particularly exciting option for our retail clients is the use of our DesignSphere option – compatible with the ForumSphere technology. This allows clients to incorporate any design into their seamless surface – we have worked on anything from an oversize map of Narnia to geometric tile prints, and all available with the durable and seamless properties of Sphere8 retail flooring.

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Resin terrazzo flooring

An alternative finish to a ForumSphere system for retail flooring is our unique resin terrazzo finish. Available in one of our range of 8 colours, or as a bespoke combination of resin and aggregate, this gives our clients the chance to replicate the highly popular terrazzo finish with all the practical benefits of poured resin flooring. Furthermore, the chance to specify a bespoke finish can create a truly unique interior suitable for any retail environment.

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