Epoxy Resin Flooring

Epoxy Resin Flooring

Find out more about our natural alternative to epoxy resin flooring

The natural alternative

Epoxy resin flooring is often considered as an option in industrial buildings, and with the expansion into residential environments it is something we are often asked about. However, there are many disadvantages and drawbacks to epoxy resin flooring and here at Sphere8 we look to offer a more natural alternative.

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Environmentally sustainable

Our poured resin flooring is not made from epoxy resin, which is largely derived from petroleum or crude oil. Instead we use natural biopolymers that come from the castor bean – a natural ingredient that is not just safe to use but environmentally sustainable. With no damaging repercussions you can rest assured that the materials used are safe and eco-friendly (unlike epoxy resin flooring), and we take great pride in the sustainability of our resin products.

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The safe solution

We are just as committed to your safety, and want to provide high quality poured resin flooring that you feel comfortable having in your home and walking on bare foot. Unlike epoxy resin flooring, our non-toxic biopolymers are completely safe for all the family, release no harmful emissions into your home and are completely free from harmful solvents and impurities. As a certified member of the Resin Flooring Association (FeRFA), here at Sphere8 we are experts in resin flooring, with years of experience. Our installers have worked throughout London and the UK for many years, on hundreds of residential and commercial projects – giving you peace of mind that you have trusted your resin floors to the experts.

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Elastic, durable, strong

Although epoxy resin flooring can be used in industrial environments, it is still prone to cracking or scratching. Epoxy resin flooring is also less able to retain colour pigments and they lack the softness of a natural resin floor. In many ways these petrochemical based epoxy floors are more similar to polished concrete, but here at Sphere8 we have worked hard to overcome these limitations. Now you can create the visual effect of a polished concrete floor, without the cold, hard and unforgiving nature of either concrete or epoxy resin flooring.

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Colour collections

The imitation of polished concrete was the motivation behind one of our carefully curated colour collections – all designed to respond to our clients’ demands. As well as the collection of ‘polished concrete greys’ you can choose from warm natural greys and browns as well as brighter colour ranges. If you have a specific colour in mind we would be pleased to create a bespoke floor for you, using our innovative colour-match service. Whether it’s a favourite fabric sample or specific paint swatch to match, or corporate brand guidelines to comply to, we will be able to help.

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Warm underfoot

In comparison to the limitations of epoxy resin flooring, our natural resins are warm and soft underfoot – although they are compatible with underfloor heating, it is certainly not necessary. The natural elasticity of the biopolymers means a Sphere8 floor won’t crack like epoxy resin flooring, and it will retain the natural pigments. It’s clear why residential and commercial clients are turning to us for a natural alternative to epoxy resin flooring.

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To discover more about our natural resin floors, and to experience them for yourself, visit one of our showrooms and discuss your project with one of our expert sales consultants.

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