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We’re delighted to announce we are a finalist in the SME Surrey Business Awards 2023 Sustainability Award!

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A yellow resin floor in a bakery

November 6 2023

Colour Focus: Fire Tones

Bright and fiery tones are a perfect way to bring some heat to your space!

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A blue resin floor in a student accommodation

October 30 2023

Colour Focus: Blues

Wanting to make a statement with your floor? Choosing blue resin flooring could be your answer!

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warm toned resin floors in a kitchen

October 22 2023

Colour Focus: Warm Tones

When it comes to choosing the perfect flooring for your space, the warmth and timeless charm of warm-toned resin flooring are hard to beat. Whether you're designing a cozy home interior or a welcoming commercial environment, warm-toned resin flooring can infuse your space with a sense of comfort and sophistication. 

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grey resin floor in a kitchen

October 16 2023

Colour Focus: Greys

Whether you want to choose grey floors for their industrial chic or minimalist aesthetic, we have a wide range of grey shades that will suit your style and space!

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A light resin floor in a living room

October 10 2023

Colour Focus: Lights

When choosing resin flooring colours, people are often worried about choosing light colours because they are not sure how practical it will be. Here are some of the great reasons that light coloured resin floors work so well.

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Red resin autumnal flooring

October 3 2023

Turn Over a New Leaf for your Flooring This Autumn

With the weather changing, people are spending more time inside during autumn. So when else would be a better time to revamp your home with resin flooring?

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resin flooring underfloor heating in a residential kitchen

September 18 2023

Resin Flooring and Underfloor Heating

The benefits of pairing resin flooring with underfloor heating, keeping you warm this winter.

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Warm Resin Flooring in an Apartment

September 18 2023

Avoid the Cold with Resin!

Not looking forward to the cold months ahead in your home? Resin flooring may be your answer!

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A patterned resin floor in an ice cream shop

September 7 2023

Patterned Floors that Last

Got a great floor pattern idea in your head, but not sure how to execute it? Our DesignSphere system is for you!

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