Easy Clean Resin Flooring

Easy Clean Resin Flooring

Discover the easiest cleaning floors suitable for both Residential and Commercial use.

Easy to maintain

There are some other products that can provide a seamless finish, but easy clean resin flooring can achieve this without sacrificing any practical or design advantages. Compared to the high maintenance of vinyl, a Sphere8 seamless floor has a lifespan of over 35 years (over ten times that of vinyl on average) – requiring minimal maintenance in the years to come, and seriously reducing overall costs. A Sphere8 seamless resin floor creates a single surface with no joints, seams, welds or separate coving – so there is no more curling or lifting at the edge of the surface. This is not just an elegant solution, but much more hygienic as there are no cracks or edges to harbour bacteria.

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Environmentally sound

Not only the benefit of easy clean resin flooring, but our floors are also significantly better for the environment. Compared to the petrochemicals used in epoxy resin or the energy-demanding cement found in polished concrete, Sphere8 resin floors are made from the castor bean – a sustainable, natural ingredient that makes our floors safer for the environment and for you.

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