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With the weather changing, people are spending more time inside during autumn. So when else would be a better time to revamp your home with resin flooring?

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June 23 2023

Product Focus: LuxSphere

Take a look at our most popular system for residential projects - our LuxSphere system.

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June 21 2023

Open up your space for summer

Now that the summer months are upon us, give your home the bright warm revamp it deserves with the addition of a beautiful sphere8 resin floor.

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June 19 2023

Product Focus: BrecciaSphere Lite

Discover our BrecciaSphere Lite System - fine grained terrazzo flooring fighting the world's single use plastic problem.

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June 16 2023

Product Focus: BrecciaSphere

Delve into our BrecciaSphere system - a completely bespoke terrazzo finish.

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June 14 2023

Sports Flooring

At Sphere8, our HealthSphere flooring system is designed to withstand the specific demands of a sports environment, making our resin floors an excellent choice for any gym or fitness space.

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June 13 2023

Easy Clean Resin Floors

The advantages of a Sphere8 seamless resin floor are continuous, and one of the biggest benefits is its super smooth surface which is incredibly easy to clean.

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June 12 2023

Sphere8 Wall Finishes

At Sphere8 we offer a wide variety of different mineral wall and joinery finishes. These are made from a rock-resin mineral base that when trowelled on in layers, imitates concrete, and is available in almost any colour.

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June 9 2023

Domestic Flooring

A Sphere8 poured resin floor is a fantastic option for anyone looking to have a seamless floor in their home, and is one that completely opens up the space.

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June 8 2023

ToughSphere - the perfect floor for hospitality

A restaurant's interior sets the tone for the culinary experience before the first dish has been ordered. The choice of flooring plays a major role in this. Designed to withstand the high demands of a restaurant space whilst maintaining elegance and style, our Sphere8 ToughSphere system is the best choice.

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