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When choosing your flooring, whether residential or commercial, there can seem to be so many options to consider – and at Sphere8 we understand that the right flooring can completely redefine an interior space. Nowadays the traditional options are being discarded in favour of a more modern alternative. Poured resin is a relatively new flooring option, but at Sphere8 we have years of experience in the industry and we’re confident that you will be delighted with how comfortable, durable and versatile it is.

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Design-focused flooring

One of the first considerations in choosing a flooring solution is how it will work with the rest of the interior space. At Sphere8 we are committed to providing design-focused flooring solutions, and we will liaise with you to make sure it works perfectly in the existing space and is exactly what you were imagining. As well as our carefully curated range of colours, you are free to choose any bespoke shade via our innovative colour-match service, where we will match anything from a particular fabric swatch to a specific colour under commercial brand guidelines. Whilst other flooring is limited by the colours it is available in or can take, Sphere8 floors are composed of the very pigment you choose – giving a saturated, opaque finish.

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Terrazzo flooring finishes

There are other creative options available with Sphere8 flooring – including resin terrazzo flooring, BrecciaSphere. Available in one of our range of 8 colours, or as a bespoke combination of Sphere8 resin and aggregate pieces, this gives our clients the chance to replicate the highly popular terrazzo finish with all the practical benefits of poured resin Sphere8 flooring. Furthermore, the chance to specify a bespoke finish can create a truly unique interior suitable for any retail environment.

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Comfort first

Once you have decided how you want your flooring to look, the next concern is how liveable this option is. At Sphere8 we understand that your comfort is extremely important – and our clients regularly comment on how comfortable our poured resin flooring is. Warm and soft underfoot, ideal with or without underfloor heating, and with a natural elasticity, our resin flooring is perfectly comfortable in both residential and commercial environments. We have installed hundreds of projects and have years of experience dealing with both corporate and private clients.

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Easy to maintain

Sphere8 flooring is both long-lasting and easy to clean and maintain. Compared to the high maintenance of other flooring options, Sphere8 flooring has a lifespan of over 35 years (over ten times that of vinyl on average) – requiring minimal maintenance in the years to come, and seriously reducing overall costs.

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Seamless surfaces

One of the great advantages of resin Sphere8 flooring is its contemporary seamless finish – at Sphere8 we believe in uniting interior spaces in either commercial or residential environments. This is achieved by pouring our resin in layers during installation, so they create a smooth and even finish. An average flooring installation takes approximately five working days, as each layer is poured and allowed to cure (or dry) before the following layer is applied. This gradual build up equates to approximately 4mm in final flooring thickness, subject to any extra necessary layers.

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Environmentally friendly choice

At Sphere8 our resin is made up of sustainable and ecologically-friendly products, derived from natural plant oils – so you can trust that your Sphere8 flooring choice is safe for your home as well as the environment. To this is then added a bespoke combination of natural pigments to create the exact colour and finish you have chosen. In our increasingly environmentally-conscious world, these considerations play a big part in many of our clients’ decision making.

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To discover more about Sphere8 flooring, and to experience them for yourself, why not visit our London, Surrey, or Cambridge showrooms and one of the team would be pleased to discuss your project with you.

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