Healthcare Flooring

Healthcare Flooring

Discover the unique HealthSphere flooring system for healthcare environments

The full package

Our innovative HealthSphere flooring system is a hygienic, seamless surface specially designed for healthcare and medical environments, from GP clinics and dental practices to hospitals and operating rooms. Carefully designed with these environments in mind, this remains a stylish and elegant healthcare flooring solution with a focus on design and aesthetics.

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No more vinyl

A common choice for healthcare flooring is vinyl, but our resin flooring offers a genuine and innovative alternative. Compared to the high maintenance of vinyl, a Sphere8 floor has a lifespan of over 35 years (over ten times that of vinyl on average) – requiring minimal maintenance in the years to come, and seriously reducing overall costs. It is also an environmentally-sustainable option for healthcare flooring, that is still elegant and attractive. Our eco-friendly resin uses natural plant biopolymers that are safe for you and the environment. These non-toxic biopolymers are completely safe, release no harmful emissions and are wholly free from harmful solvents and impurities.

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Hygienically sound

Our healthcare flooring is a specifically hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic material, and resistant to blood and alcohol. Given the requirements of a sterile environment, it is also designed to be highly durable – even when subjected to high foot traffic and frequent cleaning. Made up of multiple poured layers, the natural biopolymers used are VOC free.

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Design freedom

Durable, safe and cost-effective – a Sphere8 HealthSphere floor is a practical choice. However, we believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice design and aesthetics when specifying your healthcare flooring in a clinic or hospital. A poured resin floor creates a stylish and seamless space that allows complete freedom in choosing the colour and finish you want for a healthcare environment. Allow yourself to be inspired by your various options knowing that the practicalities are taken care of. Whilst we offer a range of different colour collections, including one specifically designed to imitate polished concrete, there is also the option to use our innovative colour-match service and choose an entirely bespoke shade.

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Seamless surfaces

A Sphere8 floor creates a completely seamless surface with no joints, seams, welds or separate coving – so unlike other healthcare flooring solutions there is no more curling or lifting at the edge of the surface. This is not just an elegant solution, but much more hygienic as there are no cracks or edges to harbour bacteria. A poured resin floor provides the perfect alternative for healthcare flooring and HealthSphere is a particularly innovative solution.

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