Sphere8 Joinery

Sphere8 Joinery

Discover our seamless Sphere8 joinery finishes that have the power to unite every element in your space.

Concrete Effect Finish

Concrete pieces are highly desired in modern interior design, but their heaviness and cost inefficiency renders them difficult to install. Our mineral rock-resin Sphere8 joinery finishes imitate cast concrete without the drawbacks to create pieces that better suit you and your project. The rock-resin finish enables the pieces to be much lighter in weight and is much more cost effective, giving you greater opportunity to achieve your desired design within your budget.


Our mineral rock-resin finish can be applied to any type of joinery, increasing the range of project opportunities to the interior design market.  Sphere8 joinery work is the perfect addition to any space, such as offices or in residential bathrooms to mimic cast concrete sinks.


Because Sphere8 joinery is made using a mineral based resin, we are able to create almost limitless colours for each piece. Giving you an almost endless colour range allows you to create a seamless design across a space without having to worry about colour match across multiple products. The texture of your Sphere8 joinery finish can be adapted to change the look and feel of your joinery piece, varying from our Moon Surface texture to a smoother surface. This range in texture allows you to subtly adjust the depth and movement displayed in each Sphere8 joinery piece, giving you greater artistic freedom in your project.


Our mineral resin Sphere8 joinery finishes need less maintenance than concrete no matter the size of the installation. Unlike polished concrete joinery, our rock-resin finish is resistant to limescale and mould, making it more durable and less likely to tarnish - a particularly important feature in bathrooms or wet rooms. Our seamless installation means there are no areas for bacteria to harbour unlike many other joinery finishes.

Softer than concrete 

Rock-resin joinery is much warmer to the touch than concrete, increasing the luxurious feel of these pieces in both homes and commercial spaces. Furthemore, the surface of the Sphere8 joinery is not as hard and inflexible as concrete and is consequently a much more forgiving surface in your space.