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Joinery Coverings

Our joinery coverings act as a mineral skin to cover your joinery, enhancing its natural appearance.

Our mineral coating

Suitable for most joinery pieces

The mineral material is applied as a liquid, and sets overnight to form a seamless, durable skin that is wondrously easy to clean.

The layered covering provides waterproof protection, and is available in any colour.

Available in any colour

Available in any colour

Our mineral coatings are available in almost any colour - with our innovative colour match service we look to match anything from a specific paint swatch to a corporate brand guideline.

Tough and Durable

Tough and Durable

The mineral material is made from a Rock Resin Plaster, providing you with a resilient, yet aesthetic surface.

A Seamless Alternative

A Seamless Alternative

Many of our clients are looking for a stylish alternative to traditional wood grain surfaces, and our mineral coatings provide a completely seamless option. They can be used with our Sphere8 resin floors, to create a complimentary final finish throughout.

Unique and Bespoke

Unique and Bespoke

Our Sphere8 mineral coatings are incredibly versatile and provide a completely unique finish - whether in your home or a commercial space.

years of

our expertise

We have worked on thousands of resin floors and our clients can trust our years of expertise

As a certified member of the Resin Flooring Association (FeRFA) and with years of experience in the residential and commercial sectors, you can trust our teams of expert installers and experienced project planners in the installation of your resin floors. View just some of our thousands of previous projects to find out more.

Alternatively you can find out more about our poured resin floors via our YouTube channel - and discover how we install one of our bespoke resin floors...!

Recent projects

We have highlighted some of our key projects for your viewing pleasure, allowing you to get a better understanding of our work.

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