Sports Flooring

Sports Flooring

Discover the unique HealthSphere sports flooring system.

Unique sports flooring

Carefully designed for use in a variety of sports, the Sphere8 HealthSphere flooring system is ideally suited for use in health clubs, private gyms, spas and all other sports or fitness environments. Crucially it is both hygienic and stylish – the perfect sports flooring solution for aesthetic and practical demands in a variety of sports facilities.

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Seamless maintenance

One of the main considerations in sports flooring is the easy and hygienic maintenance of the space. The Sphere8 HealthSphere flooring system is resistant to sweat and water, with a seamless surface that prevents bacteria harbouring in any cracks. The lack of joints, seams and welds also limits the potential for injury on an uneven or incomplete surface - ideal for a variety of sports environments.

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Meeting high demands

Our healthcare flooring is a specifically hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic material. Given the requirements of a sports flooring, it is also designed to be highly durable – even when subjected to high foot traffic and frequent cleaning. Made up of multiple poured layers, the natural biopolymers used are VOC free - a safe alternative to other sports flooring solutions.

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Naturally strong and elastic

The natural elasticity of Sphere8 poured resin flooring ensures it is soft underfoot and ideal for use with heavy sports equipment. As an additional measure, a layer of carefully designed shockpad can be incorporated in the flooring build up – providing extra resistance to high intensity sports and limiting impact injuries. This is incorporated into the poured layers of resin, which add up to just 4mm in a standard floor.

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Comfortable and warm

Our poured resin flooring is made from a natural biopolymer, which means it is softer and warmer than standard epoxy resin flooring. This makes Sphere8 sports flooring perfectly suited to low-key low-impact sports that are traditionally carried out bare foot. Whilst suitable for use with underfloor heating, this is certainly not necessary, and Sphere8 floors are naturally comfortable and warm underfoot. This natural resin is much softer and more elastic than epoxy resin derived from petrochemicals, but it is also much more environmentally-sustainable and an eco-friendly product – making better for your sports floor and better for the environment.

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A stylish solution

HealthSphere is designed to be highly durable, easy to clean and versatile sports flooring – but this does not mean you should have to sacrifice any design aspects of your project. At Sphere8 we aim to meet all of your design requirements, with practical and safe flooring. Just like any other Sphere8 floor, the HealthSphere sports flooring system can be created in any bespoke shade using our innovative colour-match service, or clients can choose one of our carefully curated range of colours – including a collection specifically designed to imitate polished concrete without the hard and unforgiving nature of the material.

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