Floor Graphics

Floor Graphics

Be inspired by the possibilities of floor graphics in our innovative DesignSphere system

Unique potential

At Sphere8 we are committed to creating unique and innovative solutions to redefine interior space. One of the greatest challenges is in creating completely unique designs and floor graphics that still retain all the properties of a poured resin floor. Fortunately we have developed the DesignSphere flooring system that allows just this.

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Durably incorporated

The perfect solution for floor graphics or an image floor, the bespoke design is permanently embedded into our flooring system and protected by poured resin. It is as durable as any other Sphere8 floor, and your floor graphics will not fade, tarnish or wear away. You can create the design, or tell us what you’re looking for, and we will find a way to incorporate it completely into your interior space. The possibilities for floor graphics are now literally limitless.

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An innovative installation

Our DesignSphere system is created from several layers – one of which is the digital image or floor graphics, printed onto a specialist material. The floor graphics or digital image are then embedded into the floor system itself as one of its many layers – and a protective sealant is poured over as a ‘top coat’. This innovative technique allows a ‘base’ colour in any pigment to be poured under the chosen floor graphics as well – creating a truly bespoke finish.

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Practical properties

The great benefit of this floor system is the ability to incorporate floor graphics without sacrificing the benefits of a poured resin floor. A Sphere8 floor is warm and soft underfoot, suitable for use with underfloor heating but does not require it. Our floors are also easy to clean and maintain, do not tarnish and are incredibly durable. Just 4mm thick, they are an easy and practical flooring solution in any environment – from private residences to commercial and retail spaces. We have worked on hundreds projects around London and the UK, so you know that you can trust your project to the experts.

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A durable choice

Most importantly, a Sphere8 floor and the floor graphics it incorporates are incredibly durable. Able to withstand high foot traffic and regular use and cleaning, the image is contained within the flooring system so will not fade or be damaged. The flooring materials themselves are also easy to clean, the colours and floor graphics are UV-stable and a Sphere8 floor has a life-span of over 20 years.

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The seal of approval

Our clients themselves can testify to the innovative flooring solution of DesignSphere: “Sourcing a hard wearing floor incorporating a graphic of the Map of Narnia proved quite a challenge. May types of floor graphics are simply not sufficiently durable … the client is exceptionally satisfied with the end result.” Hugh Broughton Architects, 2014.

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Be inspired

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