Seamless Flooring

Seamless Flooring

Discover how seamless flooring can redefine your interior space.

Smooth and seamless

One of the most innovative things about Sphere8 flooring and wall finishes are their completely seamless finishes – and it is for this reason that so many of our clients turn to us.  Looking for something unique, modern and stylish that can unite different spaces with one complete, seamless surface.

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Poured flooring

For our seamless flooring, we hand-pour our natural resin in multiple layers that gradually build up to approximately 4mm. Careful preparation of the subfloor, whether concrete screed or existing floorboards, ensures that when our materials are applied there are no joins, cracks or edges – just a seamless flooring surface. Our teams of expert installers have carried out hundreds of projects throughout London and the wider British Isles, so you can relax knowing that your flooring project is in the hands of the experts.

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Seamless surfaces throughout

Our seamless wall coverings are also hand-made, but using a different method.  Applied in layers using a trowelling technique, they are spread carefully over all surfaces – including ceilings if necessary, to create a seamless wet room effect when combined with our flooring. Entirely waterproof, these seamless wall coverings create the perfect finish for bathrooms and wet rooms, or in any other area where a seamless effect is desired, and as the perfect alternative to tiles.

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Naturally practical and durable

Seamless flooring is a hugely practical solution in both residential and commercial environments. Made from a natural biopolymer, our Sphere8 resin is soft and warm underfoot – suitable for use with underfloor heating but certainly not necessary. Naturally elastic, our resin is designed not to crack, unlike a brittle material like polished concrete, and can encompass stairs, floor boxes, drains and coving... ensuring your seamless flooring stays seamless! We have experience working on a huge range of projects, all of which find a seamless solution from a Sphere8 floor.

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Endless design possibilities

As well as the practical benefits, Sphere8 poured flooring has endless design possibilities. Many of our clients are seeking to recreate the seamless flooring finish of polished concrete – but without the harsh, unforgiving characteristics of this material. We are pleased to offer a colour collection specifically designed to imitate the colour and finish of polished concrete in gentle muted greys. At the same time our seamless flooring is thinner, warmer, softer, more durable and easier to maintain than genuine concrete; as well as being better for the environment.

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Bespoke colours

Alternatively our clients can choose to have seamless flooring in any bespoke colour of their choice, using our unique colour-match service. This allows our clients to match their flooring to a particular fabric or paint swatch, or indeed to make sure it complies with specific brand guidelines in a commercial environment. The possibilities are genuinely endless and all with a completely unified, seamless surface that can span multiple rooms or areas.

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Whatever your vision, we are committed to creating exactly the floor you envisage – entirely seamless and not dictated by practical space issues, the existing layout of an interior or questions of design and comfort. There are no limitations on where a seamless surface can be applied – from the smallest residential bathroom with seamless surfaces throughout, to the entire floor of a London department store, anything is possible. Contact one of the team or visit one of our showrooms to learn more.

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