Care Home and Nursing Home Flooring

Care Home and Nursing Home Flooring

Discover our seamless resin ideally suited for care home and nursing home flooring



One of the most important aspects of care home and nursing home flooring is to ensure an easily cleanable, hygienic surface so as to not accidentally spread any unnecessary germs and illnesses amongst its residents and workers. 

With Sphere8 flooring, the main advantage is you are provided with a completely seamless surface - giving no opportunity for bacteria to harbour in lines or cracks. This type of flooring is therefore also super smooth and easy to clean! You can find all the proper cleaning products to clean your floor correctly here on our website.


Another of the most crucial aspects of care home and nursing home flooring is a surface which helps prevent any slips, trips and falls. Sphere8 flooring already has a good grip level in the seal coat but we can offer additional slip resistance ratings of R9, R10 and R11. These are all compatible with our different flooring systems so you can have any colour or design with the peace of mind that your floor will have the necessary slip resistance. 


Breathable floors 


Equally important in care home and nursing home flooring is to ensure the floor is a breathable surface as those in care homes are sometimes more vulnerable to medical conditions that may cause breathing problems. All Sphere8 floors are VOC free and as such are breathable surfaces. 


Visual stimulation 

The appearance of the floor is incredibly important for any care home and nursing home flooring. This is particularly true for patients who have Dementia and Alzheimer's. All Sphere8 floors are seamless surfaces, meaning there are no lines or cracks in the floor surface which can aid those who have difficulty processing visual information. Our poured resin also comes in any shade of every colour imaginable - meaning you are not at all limited with options when choosing colours to contrast with walls and ceilings - another important feature of care home and nursing home flooring. 


Low maintenance


Another key component of care home and nursing home flooring is to ensure a surface that is durable and is able to withstand long term heavy foot traffic. We have specifically created a range of different flooring systems to suit different projects. For most care home and nursing home flooring projects, our HealthSphere, ForumSphere and ToughSphere would probably be the most suited choice. Soft, flexible and comfortable underfoot, our seamless resin is an excellent choice for these environments.