Polished Plaster Walls

Polished Plaster Walls

At Sphere8 we offer seamless rock-resin polished plaster walls for all environments

Hand-finished walls

Polished plaster walls are the perfect finish for a seamless wall covering – smooth and elegant, you can create a modern yet sophisticated effect in any interior from bathroom to office. At Sphere8 we provide an innovative hand-applied wall finish in our rock-resin polished plaster, a popular and viable alternative to polished concrete walls.

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Perfect for wet rooms and bathrooms

The huge benefit of our ‘polished plaster’ walls is that they are entirely seamless and waterproof. This means they can be used in any area – including bathrooms, walk-in showers or entire wet rooms. Once applied these polished plaster walls are water-resistant, easy to clean and even resistant to limescale and mould – ending the eternal issues with mouldy grouting or tile lines. Our seamless polished plaster walls alternative to tiles make your bathroom more practical and more elegant. They also act as the perfect alternative to polished concrete bathroom walls - available in over 100 colours and a huge range or cool and warm greys, you can enjoy the effect of concrete bathroom walls with all the benefits of a resin finish.

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Suitable for any environment

However, our polished plaster walls are not just suitable for bathrooms and wet rooms. We often install throughout residential properties – most frequently in kitchens as an alternative to tiled, glass or polished concrete splashbacks. With over 100 colours to choose from we are happy to work with you to find the perfect match to any existing counter top, paint swatch or fabric – either to match or provide a dramatic and stylish contrast. Our most popular shades are the natural and industrial greys we offer as an alternative to polished concrete, but we have almost every shade imaginable!

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Creative possibilities 

A number of our clients are surprised to discover just how versatile polished plaster walls can be – and we have installed our wall finishes in a diverse range of environments. Even offices and commercial environments can benefit from the stylish and practical advantages of a polished plaster wall. One particular installation in a London office featured a Sphere8 wall in the main reception area, where we were able to apply our seamless finish over a 3D branded wall. The dramatic impact contrasts with a subtle Sphere8 seamless floor throughout the area, creating a unique interior space. There are countless other projects where our polished plaster walls have been used in unusual residential and commercial installations.

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As seen at The Conran Shop

We are particularly proud that our polished plaster walls finishes were featured in two installations at The Conran Shop – in both Chelsea and Marylebone. We were thrilled to be approached by such a well-respected and influential British brand, and worked with them to create two very different wall installations. This shows just how diverse polished plaster walls can be and the different environments they suit. The polished concrete grey used in one installation decorated a space styled as a home office - a unique space for a concrete effect wall but the perfect contrast to their natural aesthetic. In the Chelsea store we created a bathroom installation in Avant L'Orage - a cool green grey that emulates the finish of polished concrete in a more unique colour than is typically available. 

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Discover more 

If you are interested in finding out more, we would be delighted to welcome you to one of our Showrooms – where you can see for yourself our complete range of polished plaster walls.  Please don’t hesitate to contact one of the team to make an appointment.

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