Cement Flooring

Cement Flooring

Discover the benefits of a resin alternative to cement flooring

A contemporary style statement

Cement flooring is an increasingly popular option for many interior spaces – favoured for its seamless finish and modern, contemporary style. At Sphere8 our resin floors provide a genuinely viable alternative for cement flooring – with numerous advantages to be had.

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A more comfortable solution

One of the main advantages of a resin floor over cement flooring is increased comfort. Cement flooring is frequently cold and hard underfoot, whilst our resin floors are soft, smooth and warm with a natural elasticity. This comfort is particularly crucial in residential projects, but an important consideration in any flooring choice for all environments where cement flooring may be considered. As experts in the resin flooring industry with years of experience, we have worked everywhere from private residences to the Louis Vuitton pop-up exhibition or top-class Central London restaurants.

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Improved durability

Arguably more important for many is the question of durability – cement flooring is almost guaranteed to crack at some point, as cement is by nature a brittle material. By comparison our resin flooring alternative is deliberately designed to combat this, with the natural elasticity of the biopolymers creating a resistance not found in cement flooring. Poured by hand in layers, a Sphere8 resin floor is also on average just 4mm thick, making it much more practical than a 10mm cement floor. They are also easier to clean and maintain than cement flooring, which is susceptible to staining.

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An unlimited colour range

One of our USPs at Sphere8 is our unlimited design choice. At Sphere8 our resin floors are available in either one of a carefully curated range of colours, or any bespoke shade you request. Whilst cement flooring is limited by the colours it is available in or can take, our flooring is composed of the very pigment you choose – giving a saturated, opaque finish in your chosen hue. Alternatively, you could choose to deliberately imitate cement flooring with our range of natural greys carefully chosen with this in mind, that feature two pigments blended together to create the effect of polished concrete or cement. With our unique Breccia finish you could also imitate a terrazzo cement floor with mixed aggregate of your choice – all with the same seamless properties.

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The environmental choice

Finally, all of this is possible whilst also being environmentally-sustainable. Our alternative to cement floors are not just stylish, easy to maintain and warm underfoot, they deliver all of these benefits whilst also being better for the environment than traditional cement flooring. At Sphere8 our resin is made of natural plant oil biopolymers, mixed with natural pigments to create the finish you want, making it safer for your home and the environment. Our clients no longer have to choose between comfort and a sustainable choice – which is one of the greatest benefits of resin over cement and polished concrete flooring.

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Extensive experience

Resin flooring is a genuine alternative for cement, and here at Sphere8 we have been working in resin flooring for years – with countless projects for you to view. We also have an extensive reference list so you can visit some of our previous projects in person. As a certified member of the Resin Flooring Association (FeRFA), and three-time winner of Project of the Year, Sphere8 can provide a flawless installation with efficient and personalised customer service – giving you peace of mind that you have trusted your resin floors to the experts.

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To find out more about the possibilities of resin, and to discuss it as an alternative to cement flooring, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the team. You can also arrange an appointment to visit our London, Surrey or Cambridge showrooms and experience our floors for yourself.

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