Poured Resin Floors

Poured Resin Floors

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Seamless and smooth

Sphere8 poured resin floors are built up in several layers, which are poured by hand by our team of expert installers. The result is a perfectly seamless, level, smooth floor that is both practical and comfortable for everyday use.

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Slow and steady build up

An average resin floor installation takes approximately five working days, as each layer is poured and allowed to cure (or dry) before the following layer is applied. This gradual build up equates to approximately 4mm in thickness, subject to any extra necessary layers.

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Comfortable and durable

The benefits of poured resin floors are numerous, but most of our clients specifically mention how warm and soft our resin floors are underfoot – so whilst underfloor heating can be used, it is not necessary. They are also easy to clean and maintain in both domestic and high-traffic commercial environments. Most importantly, poured resin floors are much more durable than polished concrete or cement, which is very likely to crack and susceptible to stains. Along with the almost infinite range of colours we offer, it’s clear why poured resin floors are an increasingly popular option.

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Natural pigments

At Sphere8 our resin is made up of sustainable and ecologically-friendly products, derived from natural plant oils – so you can trust that it is safe for your home as well as the environment. To this is then added a bespoke combination of natural pigments to create the exact colour and finish you have chosen. In our increasingly environmentally-conscious world, these considerations play a big part in many of our clients’ decision making when choosing our poured floors.

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Hands-on installation

Our hand-applied poured resin floors allow for a completely unique product and one that caters to your specific design requirements. During the installation our craftsmen can also adjust the balance of different pigments, to create a subtle movement of colour. This is often used to recreate the effect of polished concrete, with two natural grey tones poured together to imitate this type of flooring. Alternatively we can mix two bright resin pigments to produce a completely bespoke colour. If a client requests it, a more dramatic variation in colour can also be created – and this personalised finish is only possible due to our hand-application.

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Natural alternative to concrete

Because of this variation in colour, our poured resin floors can be used as an alternative to polished concrete or cement flooring. Many of our clients are looking to imitate this finish, whilst also looking for the comfort, warmth and softness that poured resin offers. Our carefully curated range of natural greys allows you to recreate this style without sacrificing the practical benefits of our flooring. Compared to polished concrete, poured resin floors are much thinner, much warmer and softer underfoot, and much more elastic and so more likely to withstand cracking. That is not to mention the environmental benefits of choosing resin over concrete. Read our blog piece to discover more about this new trend taking over from polished concrete…

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