Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished Concrete Flooring

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Contemporary and minimalist 

Polished concrete flooring is a very popular option, and many of our clients are looking recreate the contemporary, minimalist appeal of this material. Fortunately at Sphere8 we are able to provide a genuine alternative to polished concrete flooring that is very similar in style and design but has countless practical advantages over concrete flooring.

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The comfortable and safe alternative

We understand the aesthetic appeal of polished concrete flooring – chic, minimalist and industrial it works as an ideal foil to more traditional interiors, or it can complement modern minimalism. More than anything concrete flooring works as a neutral canvas that is anything but boring. However, the physical properties of polished concrete flooring are far from ideal – unforgivingly hard, cold underfoot and incredibly likely to crack. In this way a Sphere8 poured resin floor can provide the perfect solution. And as experts in resin flooring with years of experience, Sphere8 offers an unparalleled service in the supply and installation of poured resin floors – giving you peace of mind that you have trusted your resin floors to the experts.

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Complete design freedom

One of the main reasons behind choosing polished concrete flooring is the visual aesthetic – fortunately at Sphere8 we are able to imitate the colour and movement of this material. Our carefully curated collection of ‘polished concrete’ greys are chosen for this exact reason, and hand-applied in two different pigments to create the movement of colour associated with concrete or cement flooring. Alternatively you can choose a bespoke colour or use our innovative colour-match service to get the exact shade you need. Either way, whilst polished concrete flooring is limited by the colours it is available in or can take, our floors are composed of the very pigment you choose – giving a saturated, opaque finish. With our unique Breccia finish you can also imitate a terrazzo concrete floor with mixed aggregate of your choice – all with the same seamless properties.

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Naturally durable

One of the real advantages of resin over polished concrete flooring is the durability of your floor. Although polished concrete flooring sounds very durable, it is almost guaranteed to crack at some point due to its brittle nature. In comparison the natural elasticity of poured resin actively combats this. When installing polished concrete flooring you often need to moderate cracking by cutting joints – but a Sphere8 floor is a truly seamless finish, and will last as such.

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Comfort over cold

Our clients regularly tell us how comfortable they find a Sphere8 floor – another benefit of resin over cold and hard polished concrete flooring. Our biopolymer resin is warm underfoot, smooth and soft – although it can be used with underfloor heating it is certainly not necessary. This makes it much better suited to residential use and can be the deciding factor for many of our clients. Come to our showroom for a trial and decide for yourself!

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Environmentally sound

Finally there is the environmental concern. Polished concrete flooring contains high levels of cement, which is one of the most energy intensive materials on the planet. Our resin is made from a highly renewable natural source, making it cleaner, safer and better for both your own home and the environment.

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There are many other advantages to consider over polished concrete flooring… a Sphere8 floor is on average just 4mm thick, compared to 100mm for polished concrete; we have been known to install poured resin floors that are reversible, in case the original flooring needs to be uncovered; and many more… all of which our expert sales team would be happy to discuss with you. Please don’t hesitate to contact one of the team, or arrange an appointment to visit one of our London, Surrey, or Cambridge showrooms and experience our floors for yourself.

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