Poured Resin Flooring

Poured Resin Flooring

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Sphere8 poured resin flooring

Sphere8 resin flooring is poured by hand in several layers, which build up to approximately 4mm in depth. Our team of expert installers ensure that this results in a perfectly level and smooth floor, with a seamless finish. Poured resin flooring is therefore both stylish and elegant as well as practical and comfortable for everyday use.

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Durable and long-lasting flooring solution

Although a relatively new concept, poured resin flooring is an increasingly popular choice for both residential and commercial projects. It provides a durable and long-lasting flooring solution that is also incredibly versatile. Equally suited to residential and commercial environments, our resin flooring can be found everywhere from luxury country homes to high-traffic London offices. Soft and warm underfoot, the natural elasticity of our poured resin also prevents it from cracking – unlike the rigid finish of concrete or cement flooring. Available in almost any colour, our poured resin flooring can therefore meet both the practical and aesthetic demands of our clients.

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Sustainable and ecologically-friendly resin

Crucially, the poured flooring substance is a sustainable and ecologically-friendly resin, derived from natural plant oil biopolymers. Sphere8 poured resin flooring is therefore safe for your home as well as the environment. During the pouring process, one layer includes a bespoke combination of natural, environmentally-friendly resin pigments to create the exact colour and finish you have chosen. This focus on an environmentally-friendly solution to our clients’ design briefs is what sets us and our poured resin flooring apart from the more traditional flooring alternatives.

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Our range of colours is almost infinite

Essentially our range of natural pigments can allow for almost any colour choice – so we are able to colour-match our poured resin flooring to anything from a particular paint sample to a corporate brand guideline. Because our poured floors are applied by hand, our craftsmen can also control the balance of different pigments during installation. This creates a subtle movement of colour between two shades – or indeed a more dramatic variation if requested. Our range of potential colours is almost infinite, as well as having a carefully curated a range of colours that are most popular. This collection also makes it possible to imitate the effect of polished concrete, with a range of natural greys and the hand-controlled movement of colour to recreate the finish of concrete or cement, with all the benefits of poured resin flooring.

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Experienced craftsmen

An average installation takes approximately five working days, as each flooring layer is poured and allowed to cure (or dry) before the following layer is applied. This gradual build up equates to approximately 4mm of poured resin flooring, subject to any extra necessary layers. Our expert craftsmen have experience working on residential and commercial sites throughout London and the rest of the UK. Our years of experience have led us to developing innovative technical advancements, whilst constantly investing in our own teams’ development as well.

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