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Project Focus: Library at Thomas’s School, Clapham

Resin floors with image

Looking back at some of our more memorable projects, it’s hard to forget our installation at Thomas’s School in Clapham, where we provided a Sphere8 DesignSphere floor with a map of Narnia! We were so pleased with the final effect, not to mention our team’s creativity and ingenuity during the planning stages. A truly unique installation.

Innovative function and design

The project utilised the DesignSphere system (formerly Senso UK Freeze floor), where an image is embedded into a resin flooring build-up – rather like the filling in a sandwich. Specifically in this installation the printing technique used was a new ultra-high resolution print onto a Neschen mesh. Then in the ‘reading corner’ the architect envisaged a deep blue stepped seating area, produced in joinery and smothered in resin flooring.

One of the more challenging requirements was that the flooring needed to be fully reversible, so that the original parquet flooring beneath could be revealed if ever necessary, as a heritage requirement. Sphere8 recommended Fermacell boards as a suitable subfloor and we worked from this.

Resin floors with image

Stunning final installation

The main triumph is obviously the finished result, with a detailed map of C.S. Lewis’ Narnia spreading across the library, to a stylish blue reading corner over carefully designed steps.

We were so pleased with the creativity of this project and our chance to be involved.

Resin floors with image