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Resin floors in Motion Sandstone

A spacious family home featuring both poured floors and resin wall finishes.

This is an example of a true Sphere8 project - with poured seamless floors uniting the entire house across several floors.

Seamless floors throughout

It just proves how versatile the HomeSphere system can be, used in every room from kitchen to sitting room to bedroom. This particular floor was designed with residential environments in mind - and what is most important in domestic projects. Subsequently it is warm and soft underfoot - with or without underfloor heating - as well as being easy to clean and maintain. In this case the client chose Sandstone as a pale, warm base for the whole house - even then it is easy to clean and withstands high-traffic in busy areas of the home.

Motion Sandstone

What's so fascinating about this project is how the same colour reacts differently in each space - neutral, soft and minimalist in the open-plan living area but darker and warmer in the bedroom where the light is totally different! It works as the perfect blank canvas for each room's colour palette. In the bathroom you can also see how it works with a Sphere8 wall finish - the black polished concrete effect wall creating a striking contrast with the pale floor.

Swimming Pool

Of particular interest is that this site even had a Sphere8 floor flow into their indoor swimming pool area - uniting this with the rest of that floor. Whatever your ideas, wherever your plans, we can work with you to create truly united interior. Redefine your space!

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HomeSphere technical data

Thickness 3mm
Layers 4
Elasticity 170%
Shore Hardness D55
Abrasion Resistance Good
Slip Rating R9 EN 51130
Fire Classification Bfls1 EN 13501-1
Thermal Resistance tbc
Emission Free YES AgBB
Area Use Classification 23/33 EN685
Application Time 4-5 days
Impact Sound Reduction 4dB
Impact Sound Reduction with Shockpad 19dB
Resistance to Chair Castors Good EN 425
Colour Range Almost any colour
FeRFA Type Type 5 BS 8204
Guarantee 6 years

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