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Poured resin floors at Twickenham Studios

Winner of FeRFA Small Commercial Project of the Year 2015

"A unique combination of different colours Imitation polished concrete is combined with a poured puddle of bespoke red pigment"

We worked with the amazing design team at Barbarella Studio on this unique space - one of our most popular installations wtih a bespoke poured puddle... read more about it on their site HERE!

We were approached for this project as part of a massive refurbishment of an historic building. Twickenham Studios has a long and fascinating history, and holds an important place in the local community, but it needed a revamp for the 21st Century.

Our brief was specific, challenging and exciting - the client was looking for a polished concrete-effect floor for the ground floor lobby, but wanted to incorporate a puddle of red resin that 'poured' down the stairs from the boardroom to the entrance hall. Furthermore the red resin had to exactly match the corporate guidelines of the studios. The final effect is incredibly dynamic, with the industrial grey flooring giving way to an exciting focal point. This project really utilised our complete flexibility on colour and design, as well as developing an innovative resin technique. Read all about it on our blog!

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ForumSphere technical data

Thickness 3mm
Layers 3
Elasticity 150%
Shore Hardness D55
Abrasion Resistance Good
Slip Rating R9-R10 EN 51130
Fire Classification Bfls1 EN 13501-1
Thermal Resistance tbc
Emission Free YES AgBB
Area Use Classification 33 EN685
Application Time 4-5 days
Impact Sound Reduction 4dB
Impact Sound Reduction with Shockpad 17dB
Resistance to Chair Castors Good EN 425
Colour Range Almost any colour
FeRFA Type Type 5 BS 8204
Guarantee 5 years

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