Hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic

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Application Time 4 - 5 days
Guarantee 5 years
Thickness 4mm (typical)
Layers 4 / 7*
Elasticity 200%
Shore Hardness D45
Abrasion Resistance Good
Fire Classification Bfl-s1 / Dfl-s2* EN 13501-1
Area Use Classification 33 EN 685
Impact Sound Reduction 5dB
*: Impact Sound Reduction With Shockpad 20dB
Slip Rating R9/R10/R11 EN 51130
Resistance To Chair Castors Good EN 425
FeRFA Type Type 5 BS 8204

technical information

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A safe and stylish alternative

Many health/wellness floors currently use vinyl - but our poured resin HealthSphere floor provides a sterile, long-lasting and therefore cost-effective alternative.

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