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The New Sphere8 Colour Collection

Sphere8 Motion Sandstone

Among the many changes we've experienced during our rebrand, one of the more exciting challenges was deciding how to update and refresh our colour ranges. We've had to adapt previous colours, keep our favourites and make way for some new offerings too...

New brand, new colours

As we transition from Senso UK to Sphere8 there have been many changes to think about – as with all rebranding exercises, there is always more to consider than you initially think about. We are particularly excited about our brand new brochures, both residential and commercial, that are coming soon! But more on that later… Before we could create those we had to first think about what we offered our clients, and that’s where the new Sphere8 colour collection came in.


Best of old and new

We were always confident that we wanted to keep some of our old favourites – Zinc is one of our most popular light greys and we have retained that. Others have been renamed or tinkered with to perfect the range we offer – whilst some are completely brand new offerings.

What was clear was that we needed to refine how we presented our colour collections. We had previously offered 4 collections of just 3 colours, however it now seems clear that dividing our colour range into warm and cool greys and green and brown shades was too divisive – often this can be misleading, or seem limiting.

Sphere8 Motion Carbon Steel

Carefully curated collections

Instead we have now created just two colour collections (in rather neat groups of 8 – very in keeping with the new brand!) that incorporate our neutral and natural shades. The ‘metals’ are a collection of cool greys that are the perfect option for those looking to imitate polished concrete. You can choose from the palest ‘Platinum Grey’ to the stronger ‘Cast Iron’ – as well as the ever-popular ‘Zinc’. Alternatively there is a group of ‘minerals’ that are the warmer shades – from off-white ‘Chalk’ or muted ‘Sandstone’ to the darkest ‘Slate’.

Both collections feature a carefully thought out range – both include two each of ‘very light’, ‘light’, ‘medium’ and ‘dark’ hues so whatever combination you’re looking for can be accommodated.


More motion colours

The biggest change in our colour collection is the option of a Motion colour – incorporating two or more pigments that are blended during installation to create a ‘movement’ of colour throughout the floor. We already offered this as Senso UK, but it was limited to a particular colour range. Now we are pleased to extend this option on all of our colours, whether you choose from one of our collections or a bespoke hue.

We’re so pleased to be able to offer not only a more carefully curated colour range, but also more choice and variety in general. Whether you choose a Sphere8 grey or a RAL shade of your choice, you can now then decide whether to make this a Solid or Motion colour.


We are now looking forward to adding to our Sphere8 colour collections… in addition to Metals and Minerals we are already developing a collection of Jewel shades in some of our brightest hues… stay tuned!

Sphere8 Motion Clay