EPI Superbase Mineral in a hallway
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System Focus: EPI Superbase Mineral

EPI Superbase Mineral is a resin floor with a blended lightweight mineral filler. The tough elastic floor has a depth of colour and visual texture.

EPI Superbase Mineral in a hallway

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EPI Superbase Mineral enhances your interior with its delicate mineral filler, creating a unique visual texture that captivates and complements any décor. The subtle variations in the floor’s surface add depth and interest without overwhelming the space, allowing it to harmoniously blend with various design styles. Whether your interior is modern, traditional, or somewhere in between, EPI Superbase Mineral is the perfect fit.

EPI Superbase Mineral is engineered for maximum practicality. These floors are:

  • Wear-Resistant: Designed to withstand the rigours of daily use, EPI Superbase Mineral maintains its beauty over time.

  • UV Stable: The floors resist discoloration and fading, even in spaces with abundant natural light.

  • Waterproof: Ideal for areas prone to moisture, ensuring long-lasting durability.

A close up of EPI Superbase Mineral

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EPI’s commitment to quality means you can relax, knowing your floors are built to last. The seamless design of EPI Superbase Mineral prevents dirt and dust accumulation, making maintenance a breeze. The floors are also scratch-resistant, ensuring they remain pristine with minimal effort. For easy cleaning, simply use recommended materials available on our webshop.

EPI Superbase Mineral is perfect for both residential and commercial settings. In homes, it seamlessly integrates with various areas while adding a touch of sophistication. In commercial spaces, it provides a reliable yet luxurious flooring solution, thanks to its inlaid mineral aggregate.

EPI Superbase Mineral in a Gallery

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