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Sphere8 take home two FeRFA Awards!

Sphere8 team

It was almost a week ago now that we headed north for the annual Resin Flooring Association Awards, and after a very busy week there’s finally time to reflect on our success! The awards ceremony features as a regular date in the Sphere8 diary, and every year we’ve been successful in taking home at least one award – this year was no different with Sphere8 accepting not one but two Highly Commended awards for both Small and Large Commercial Project of the Year!

The FeRFA awards act as an opportunity for the Resin Flooring Association to recognise the achievements in the resin industry – from installers to suppliers, and everyone from newly-qualified apprentices to experts reaching retirement age. The awards themselves are for Industrial and Commercial Projects of either under or above 250m² - four categories that effectively split our market and recognise those achieving in each sector.

We are delighted to have been Highly Commended in both of our categories. Sphere8 specialises in commercial projects, preferring to take on these high-end specifications over more practical industrial sites. In the past we’ve been nominated and won awards for everything from St. Thomas’ School in Clapham (where we installed a DesignSphere floor featuring a map of Narnia) and Twickenham Studios (with a poured puddle of red resin flowing down the main stairs!) to our innovative rubber terrazzo floors in Greenwich Hub and the invention of EconoSphere for the Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition last year.

Gasholders Marketing Suite

This year, we offered up two commercial projects – both in the King’s Cross area of London, but two very different sites, installations and products. For Large Commercial Project of the Year we were recognised for our ongoing work at the Gasholders residential development – working on hundreds of apartments in this icon of regeneration. Installation is still ongoing, but based on the Marketing Suite we carried out last year and our continued progress on site we were Highly Commended by FeRFA for our contribution to this incredibly high-end residential development. A huge challenge of scale and proportion given we are a relatively small company working on our biggest site to date, but we are thrilled that our luxurious domestic resin floors were chosen for such a high-profile project and that we were able to meet the demands of this project.

A very different type of venture was recognised for Small Commercial Project of the Year… this time our tile-patterned DesignSphere floor at the Ruby Violet ice cream parlour on Wharf Road. This submission was a chance for us to show off our creativity and innovation – working tirelessly with the client to meet their exact aesthetic demands, whilst creating a floor that was also suitable for a high-traffic shop/café. We paired our innovative graphic floor solution DesignSphere with a DiamondSphere Grip Seal Coat, creating something totally unique and ideally suited to the purpose. The images of this site speak for themselves, but the amazing ice cream flavours are the perfect excuse to pop down to Wharf Road yourselves!

The evening itself was a great chance to catch up with our colleagues in the resin flooring industry, and particularly our partners at Remmers who collaborated on both projects with us! A very fun night and a particularly successful one too! Until next year…

Ruby Violet