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Redefining Kitchens

For many people, a bright, open-plan, inviting kitchen is the most important aspect of their home. A Sphere8 resin floor is the perfect component to this process.

Compatible with most subfloors and underfloor heating, Sphere8 resin provides your home with a completely seamless surface that opens up your space whilst simultaneously uniting and redefining every aspect of your space with a minimalist feel.

© Sphere8, 2019

Not only do our resin floors open up your space but they are incredibly easy to clean, making them a suitable choice for any kitchen space. Able to withstand drops and spills, the seamlessness of our resin ensures a bacteria free, glistening floor after each clean. 

© Jim Stephenson, 2023

Equally, our microcement mineral wall finish is also a suitable addition to any kitchen. Seamless and waterproof, this bespoke finish makes a fantastic addition to your space and adds a certain depth and texture which in combination with a Sphere8 floor unites every element of your space.

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