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Product Focus: New Colour Range

Bright colour resin floors (turquoise)

We are now well and truly into 2017 – nearly two weeks back in the office and mince pies and mulled wine are a distant memory! To celebrate the turning over of a new leaf, we’ve been busy in our Development Centre creating samples galore in preparation for a new year of showroom appointments, consultations and design meetings. So it seems as good a time as any to introduce you to some of the new Sphere8 colours – and give you a sneak peak of what’s to come!

Metals and Minerals

During our 2016 rebrand, we created two ‘new’ colour ranges of cool and warm greys – made up of a lot of our most popular colours, as well as introducing a few new ones. The Metal colour range features 8 cool greys, perfect for imitating polished concrete – from icy Platinum Grey to moody Graphite and Cast Iron, they are universally popular. If in doubt we recommend Carbon Steel and Zinc as two of most successful ‘polished concrete’ hues!

Alternatively, you can embrace a warmer shade from our Mineral range – these vary more dramatically, including Chalk (an almost white grey) and Sandstone (a warm pale brown or taupe) on the paler end of the spectrum, to Granite (a dark green grey) and Slate (an almost purple-based dark brownish grey). Flint and Clay are definitely the most popular – warm, neutral greys with brown undertones to keep a space warm and cosy.

Bright colour resin floors (red)


However, things get really interesting when you start exploring our Jewel colour range! Over the years, we have had occasional requests for more colourful floors – normally in response to a client’s brand guidelines or as part of a very specific design plan. Occasionally though we just have a particularly adventurous client, ready to do something different in their home! Based on the most popular or common previous requests, we decided to curate a colour range with a difference – a multi-coloured collection of our favourite bright hues, all inspired by semi-precious stones and jewels!

There are a few soft and pale colours – a gentle Rose Quartz and a cool Opal and Peridot. All three are almost pastel light – perfect for open minimal spaces, whilst adding some interest to an otherwise white interior. Clients in the past have also used similar colours in bright family homes – the ideal colour to disguise the small scuffs and marks of daily life with children and dogs! Keeping a space fun and playful, but still discreet enough to be transformed into an elegant and grown-up room when necessary!

We also decided to include two bright blues – Topaz and Turquoise. Topaz is darker, moodier and gentler on the eye. In larger spaces it’s easier to live with and perfectly complements soft and dark hues and materials – grey paint, dark smokey wood and slate or granite surfaces. Turquoise, by comparison, is suitably vibrant. A colour this bright is best complemented by colours of equal strength – softer shades aren’t able to hold their own against a Turquoise floor! Including both Topaz and Turquoise in the collection was a deliberate decision to be able to offer our clients both options – although most popular in commercial spaces, we’ve decorated a residential bathroom head to toe in Turquoise – as featured HERE in Best of the List by House and Garden…

Finally we added three warmer colours to the end of the collection – Citrine, Amber and Garnet. The brightest of the bunch, these colours really pack a punch! Citrine has been used in both residential and commercial sites – it looks fantastic in both, but it does take a brave designer to confidently use it. When used well, all three can perfectly complement dynamic interiors and stop the flooring from seeming like an afterthought – they actively contribute to a beautiful space!

Samples of the complete Jewel range (as well as Minerals and Metals) are now available, so contact our offices to find out more or arrange an appointment to discuss our colour options with one of our sales consultants. An exciting way to kick off 2017 – it’s so much more than just Greenery!

Bright colour resin floors (yellow)