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Product Focus: DesignSphere

DesignSphere resin floors

Given one of our DesignSphere projects has just been nominated for Small Commercial Project of the Year, we thought this was the perfect time to shine the light on our most innovative of flooring systems! The DesignSphere system combines all the physical properties of a Sphere8 resin floor, with a seamless bespoke image that answers the client’s brief. From maps of Narnia and tromp l’oeil leaves to our latest project recreating vintage tiles, there’s nothing we won’t consider! Read more about what made this such an eye-catching and exciting project…

Creative floors vs creative flavours

First of all, you should know that this project is at the Ruby Violet ice cream parlour in King’s Cross (Wharf Road). If you haven’t tried them yet, and you’re lucky enough to be able to visit, head down there immediately – you can just about justify ice cream in October and their amazing range of flavours will certainly tempt you! Given just how creative and innovative the brand is, we knew the floor would have to be just as exciting.

An unusual brief

Julie from Ruby Violet came to us she was armed with sheets of coloured paper and a range of original tiles that she wished to reference if not replicate. Having already considered a concrete floor and trawling the market for a suitable product, “cracked and dirty despair set in” (her words!). Sadly, the plan to replicate the original tiles in a larger format didn’t work in the limited space, so we had to adapt the brief… by shrinking the tile design it was perfectly suited and we set about the practical task of realising her vision.

DesignSphere resin floors

Innovative product development

For such a special project we needed an equally special product – so we mixed and matched our systems to create the perfect final finish. By pairing the DesignSphere system with a DiamondSphere Grip Seal Coat we could offer Julie a floor that combined both her artistic vision and the practical requirements for a busy café. Working with our production partner Displayways, we made sure the geometric design worked perfectly in the space and regular site visits made sure everything was ready for our installation. As the site is in a listed building, we had to also factor in a reversible option – eventually laying onto plywood that went over the screed, so future generations can return the building to its original state. Although, given the amazing final look we can’t imagine why they’d want to!

“The result has been much admired by all our ice cream lovers. We could not have been happier with the result, easy to clean, not cold or hard underfoot … thank you for your patience and desire to get it right. Imagination and perseverance found the solution” Julie Fisher at Ruby Violet

DesignSphere resin floors