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Louis Vuitton – collaborating with a high fashion brand

Sphere8 resin floors at Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is a global super-brand, recognised across the globe. One of the most famous luxury fashion brands in the world today, the LV monogram is synonymous with high-fashion couture, and is imitated in almost every form. Obviously we were thrilled to be involved in such an exciting and high-profile installation!

High-pressure installation

The installation was nearly 1500m2 and a huge undertaking – we had to work against the clock in time for the opening after London Fashion Week 2015. Most importantly we had no margin for error, as the exhibition opened just 48 hours after we completed.

The client chose Sphere8 as it was looking for a FeRFA-approved resin flooring supplier that they knew they could trust, and they were impressed by Sphere8’s background in design-led projects. In fact they were so enamoured with our resin flooring options that our design brief increased from 500m2 to nearly 1500m2 – however it continued to change size, colour and finish throughout the project!


A triumph in teamwork

We are particularly proud of the installation crew involved, as this project marked their debut with us – and they were drafted in to cut their teeth on one of our most high profile projects to date. An excellent start to their Sphere8 careers, and we were so impressed at their flexibility and hard work throughout.

The final installation featured a range of different poured resin floors that flowed seamlessly throughout the space. To see more images from this breath-taking installation, please see the project here.

Sphere8 resin floors at Louis Vuitton

Shining a light on resin floors

On completion of the installation and the official opening 48 hours later we were delighted by the immediate press attention this project garnered – publications from Vogue and Elle to Harpers Bazaar, Forbes and WWD featured the exhibition, and the VIP party was attended by celebrities from around the world.

Given the attention to detail throughout the exhibition and the design-focused eye of many of the attendees, this really is an extraordinary opportunity to engage new markets with the stylish, versatile and durable qualities of resin flooring. To be so extensively involved in a project like this just shows how the markets for resin floors are already expanding and evolving.

We are incredibly proud of how this project engaged our entire team and inspired us to push ourselves to new limits, as the logistical challenges of the project demanded.

Sphere8 resin floors at Louis Vuitton