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Harvest Festival with Tom Dixon and Goldfinger Factory

Portobello Dock

Last night we welcomed nearly 500 people on site at Ladbroke Grove to celebrate London Design Festival with a unique Harvest Festival party, in partnership with Tom Dixon. The real focus was on Tom's collaboration with Goldfinger Factory - an incredible organisation that seeks to "turn waste into gold in deprived communities". It was an exceptional evening...

Looking to local trade

The main focus of last night's Harvest Festival was a return to local trade. Tom is renowned for producing beautiful hand-crafted products and this trade is often carried out in far flung corners of the world. However there is still a very strong local community that we all depend on - and this year it was time to come home! All food was provided by our very own Dock Kitchen on site at Portobello Dock, and the drinks were courtesy of Sipsmith based in Acton. Our guests came from all over London, but particularly our local clients based in the West London area - there is such a wealth of industry in this little corner that it seems right to celebrate it. 

To celebrate the event Sphere8 also installed a bespoke floor design throughout our lower arches and showroom space - a unique temporary installation that drew people through the space. A great chance to show off our versatile and exciting potential in design-led projects.

Goldfinger Factory

Turning waste into gold...

Particular focus was on Goldfinger Factory, another local organisation based under the historic Trellick Tower that is just a short walk from our site. The work that Goldfinger do is particularly inspiring as they look to provide skills and trade for 16 - 25 year olds that come from deprived communities. They are an award-winning design, build and teaching platform centred around upcycling - creating bespoke furniture and interiors. In doing this they help artisans and artisans-in-the-making become self-sustaining through craft and in turn saving materials from landfill. A very rewarding local venture!

New collaborations

The focus on Goldfinger at our event comes from their recent collaboration with Tom Dixon, who has just designed a new range of furniture for them to produce. This is an incredibly exciting project and we were so thrilled to be able to help present the fruits of this labour last night. 


More on Goldfinger in the future, but for now please visit their website to learn more! All in all a really enjoyable evening!

Goldfinger Factory