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Design Focus: Home Spas with Sphere8 Wall Finishes

Sphere8 resin wet room at The Conran Shop

Of all the rooms in our homes, bathrooms are the most often overlooked. It's easy to think of these rooms as purely functional - there seems to be enough to consider when choosing between jacuzzi baths and waterfall shower heads without over-thinking the aesthetics. However, with Sphere8 resin wall finishes and floors you can forever banish white tiles, dirty grouting, and seahorse motifs - and create a soothing, relaxing environment to unwind in with your very own home spa. 


Say no to tiles and grouting

There are many features that define our bathrooms, and many useful tips to creating a more luxurious space. Never underestimate the value of installing dimmer switches to temper harsh bathroom lighting and the difference a soft high-quality bath mat makes! However, all the scented candles in the world can't distract from lack lustre tiles or dirty grouting. At Sphere8, our smooth, polished rock resin wall finishes create a seamless and united space and our clients have the opportunity to design a unique bathroom or wet room to their exact specification. Instead of the limiting style and colours of traditional tiles, you can have a polished concrete effect finish in any of our 100+ colours that unites all areas of the space.

Wet room with Sphere8 resin floors and walls

Scandinavian Inspiration

One of the most popular design inspirations is the recreation of a Scandinavian spa vibe. Our clients look to echo this soothing aesthetic with neutral tones of cool grey, white and pale wood - this palette looks stunning when use with untreated oak, soft frosted glass and a white or pale gray rock-resin finish. We recommend one of our Taupe colour range or the palest of our Greys - Sugar, Cloud or C'est Balaud. A clean and minimalist finish, it works just as well in contemporary new builds and older buildings with a more traditional style. 


Brighter Colours

However, with over 100 colours to choose from, a lot of our clients look to more adventurous shades. We have recently created striking and dynamic bathrooms with Turquoise and Ottoman wall finishes in the most vibrant Ocean shades. When creating a 'home spa' we also confidently recommend choosing a much darker colour than you might imagine. Shades of Thunder, Turf and Racing Green can create an intimate and soothing space, just as much as white or grey. This is particularly effective when combined with a lighter floor - a poured resin of Chalk, Alabaster or Sandstone that prevents the small space from feeling claustrophobic. Reversing this typical colour balance creates for an interesting and personal space - one that is truly your own home spa. 


The Conran Shop

But don't just take our word for it! At the beginning of this year Sphere8 installed two wall installations at The Conran Shop - in both Marylebone and Chelsea. In the Chelsea store we created a home spa pop-up, complete with slippers, a robe and artfully stacked towels! The wall finish was created in Sphere8 Avant L'Orage - one of our darkest Warm Greys. It pairs perfectly with the light wood accents, and the warm greeny-brown undertones are broughout out by the foliage and beautiful bottles for various lotions and potions.

As the nights draw in, this time of year seems to always inspire a cosier aesthetic - and treating yourself in your own home spa seems the perfect solution! Get in touch with one of the team to discuss your own project...

Wet room with Sphere8 resin floors and walls