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We are often asked about how suitable our floors are for residential projects – and we’re happy to say they are perfectly suited to private homes of all shapes and sizes! Warm underfoot, durable and comfortable to live with, a Sphere8 resin floor can be used in every room from kitchen and sitting room to bathroom or bedroom! However, this then raises the bigger question of how to style a home with a seamless resin floor… so we thought we’d look into some of our favourite home spaces and how they’ve been decorated!


Some of our clients are concerned about how ‘cosy’ a poured resin floor will be in their home – accustomed to carpets, they worry that a smooth, seamless surface will not create the impact of a cosy and comfortable family home. However, as this project shows it all depends on the choice of colour – a warm, pale hue can create an elegant but comfortable atmosphere, particularly when combined with warm wood, quilts and rich fabrics and soft lighting. This bedroom is just as inviting and tranquil as any carpeted bedroom! We love the combination of rich mahogany that is echoed in the brown velvet cushions and leather armchair (just seen). This rich layering of colour and mixture of fabrics creates a cosy and enveloping atmosphere, and the warm soft lighting makes the floor appear darker and warmer than it could.

Resin floors in Sandstone by Sphere8
Resin floors in Sandstone by Sphere8

Elsewhere in the same home, the Motion Sandstone floor (as used throughout the space) appears cooler and more elegant. The abundance of natural light and north-facing windows make the floor appear lighter and more sophisticated in this open plan sitting room-dining room. Crucially, the use of logs on display by the fireplace, colourful artwork, plants and the continuation of statement wood furniture prevents the space from feeling too minimalist – it retains a rich and comfortable atmosphere. The gentle build-up of colour on a neutral backdrop, from the books on the far wall, artwork above the fireplace and throws on the sofas, add some life to the otherwise quiet palette.

However, if you are looking for a minimalist aesthetic we have just the project to inspire you – this amazing property in East London is a masterclass in mid-century minimalism. The solid white floor is huge contrast from the Motion Sandstone floors above – none of the movement or warmth of these floors, the solid white hue is clean, minimalist and stark. This has been perfectly complimented by the stylish mod furniture and clean lines of this bedroom. Floor lights create ambient lighting without ruining the clean lines of the space and natural light pours in from the unusually positioned windows! One of our favourite features of this space is the marvellous rug – the texture and pattern creates a real point of interest and a solid white floor allows the rug to take centre stage. The ‘white cube’ effect allows the materials and structures of the furniture and accessories to shine, whilst keeping the space fresh and minimalist.

Solid white resin floors in LuxSphere by Sphere8
Resin floors in solid white

Elsewhere, there are other contrasts of colour and texture – a thick pile rug provides an interesting juxtaposition with the smooth surface of the floor; black and pink furniture provide a pop of colour into the cool white space; wooden sliding wall panels add interest and the rich tone of the wood warms up the overall aesthetic. In such an interesting and inspiring space, the minimalist decoration allows the structure and architecture of the site to stand out – complemented by pared back styling and exciting juxtapositions of texture.

However, not all our clients choose cool and fresh hues – we have worked on countless projects with dark and dramatic floors – though perhaps none as stylishly thought out as this dramatic open plan family room and kitchen. This extension is clearly planned as a dynamic family space – suitable for all the family and a wide range of activities. The bold primary colour palette takes over – with yellow metal beams, a bright blue splash back in the kitchen and red accents from chairs to cupboard doors! Competing with this would prove too much, so the client has wisely kept everything else in a unified colour palette. The dining chair and sofa in matching dark brown leather are also echoed in the mid-century wooden sideboard, all which complement the Motion Slate floors. This dark grey hue has red and purple undertones, meaning it warms up the large space and flatters the brown palette of the furniture. A neutral but warm back drop for a bright and bold colour scheme!

Resin floors in Slate in family home by Sphere8

The possibilities are endless when you have a flooring solution available in any colour that seamlessly unites your interior space. Whether a cosy country home, a minimalist London apartment or a bright and bold family-friendly extension, we are confident you can find the finish and colour to suit!