blue marbled resin flooring sample
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Crazy for you, crazy for blue!

Have a space that needs tying together with the perfect floor or wall colour? We can create the perfect shade to bring your space together.

Our client came to us needing a colour for the floors in their kitchen and living spaces. They wanted a resin floor and mineral wall interior that would match their existing cabinet door colour, and so we used our endless colour options to find a shade that matched the tones of the door.

solid blue resin flooring sample colour

© Sphere8, 2023

After detailed colour discussions, we created two bespoke samples for the client to review: 

For the first sample, we combined a lighter and a darker shade of blue together to create a custom motion blend just for their space. The gentle colour gradient adds a harmonious and calming feel to the resident’s home.

A blue motion resin flooring sample

© Sphere8, 2023

With our creative design team having recently taken a Mediterranean cruise trip, a further sample demonstrating the possibilities of resin flooring was made.  The elegant shades of blue flow over each other, representing ocean waves and currents - the overall effect: a mysterious marble resin floor where each colour is much more separated to truly show the matched colours.

A blue marbled resin flooring sample

© Sphere8, 2023

© Sphere8, 2023

While this sample is intended for a domestic resin floor, these custom colours and whacky designs can be a great centrepiece for any space. A Sphere8 resin floor with an ArtSphere design is a great way to make a space feel more personal and welcoming, making it great for places such as shop flooring, office flooring, and gallery flooring.